1. My fat and lazy sunshine. Happy national dog day! #nationaldogday

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  3. Trying to be the next @michellephan. @ginamarie2491 @bestfrienddevyn #bestfemmes #youtube


  4. FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 - Honey


    Over the weekend I tried the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in the shade honey.  

    The balm is very moisturizing and has a fresh scent of sugar and lemon.  I love that it has SPF 15 in it, especially for the summer months.  The color honey is the perfect your lips but better shade and I really like that I don’t need a mirror to apply the product.  I have kept it in my handbag ever since.

    It makes a perfect swipe and go product!


  5. So spoiled yet so miserable.

  6. Notre Dame #paris

  7. Sunday service. #notredame

  8. I found @sorrykhary’s dream bathroom. #swimteam


  9. Korres Lip Butter Glaze - Wild Rose


    Today I am wearing Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Wild Rose, $14.  

    It’s a sheer red balm with build able coverage.  It’s very mositurizing, like most Korres products, and has a nice fruity smell.  I’m currently wearing it on the sheer side, but you can definitely build it up to a more opaque cover depending on your preference.  




  10. Lip Addiction


    For those of you who know me personally lip products are my addiction.  I pretty much wear the same simple make up everyday with the exception of my lips.  

    Here’s my current collection of lipstick, glosses, balms, and stains.  In an attempt to actually use them all i’ve decided to wear a new product everyday, and document it here.  I’ve honestly only worn about 20% of my collection.  Thanks to all the of the beauty internships that I have participated in I’ve have been lucky enough to receive most of these products for free.